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I gained learning experience from the industries where i worked upon but due to my ignorance i got cheated so many times from the employees working in the companies. My first company was omne agate system private limited, it’s work structure is worst so if any body wants to join that company then please do not join it. I had done a very hardwork for that company on contractual basis. I spent my fuel for there onsite projects. And then when i asked about my fuel expenses which was around worth 11000 they denied to gave it to me. Always they would be telling that we will give you later the expenses and i was forced so many times to leave the company but still i hang around for about one and a half year. My second company was addecco India private limited, the work structure was fine from my…

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Go to lower plan in freelancer if you do not have money to maintain your account. Always make sure the project giver is a genuine person by checking out his profile first. Make sure to give a trial work for the client before accepting the project otherwise what the client will do they will give you the project and after that they will not reply and the charge for a particular project is commissioned by the freelancer from your account balance unnecessarily.  Make your website as simple as possible so that it can be easily understood by the end user.