1.  ego (Prefix)                            I
  2. egoist                          Always believe in self-advancement
  3. egoistic                       Those who always talk about his accomplishment.
  4. egocentric                   Who wants to keep him alone as he thought that the whole universe is his.
  5. egomaniac                   Who thinks he can have all the things in his life.
  6. egomaniacal                Adjective of egomaniac full craziness
  7. Alter                               Change
  8. Altruist                       Those who work for the welfare of others no matter what condition he is.
  9. Altruism                       Those who work for the welfare of the people and take the credit upon                                                    himself
  10. Altruistic                       Noun form of Altruist
  11. Alternate                      Change
  12. Alternative                    Having an option
  13. Alteration                      Choose another
  14. Altercation                    Having heated arguments
  15. Vertos                            to turn
  16. Introvert  (Intro + Vertos)                   Those who want to live alone within themselves. To turn                                                                               inside.
  17. Extrovert (Extro + Vertos)                  Those who want to live a very talkative life with others. To                                                                            turn Outside
  18. Ambivert (Ambi + Vertos)       Ambi=all                  Those who want to live inside as well as outside.                                                                                              To turn inside as well as outside.
  19. Misanthrope       (Misien – To Hate)       Hates people
  20. Misogynist                                                    Hates Women
  21. Misogamist                                                   Hates Marriages
  22. Ascetic                         Those who are spiritually cultured do not get involved in the flesh party.
  23. Dexter                          right handed
  24. Dexterous                    skillfull
  25. Ambidextrous           who has the skill to do work with both hands.
  26. Sinister                            Left hand Public view ( threatning, frieghtning)
  27. Gauche                            Left hand
  28. Gaucheire                      awkward
  29. droit                                Right hand
  30. Adroitness                     opposite of gaucheire , Clever
  31. Anthropos                      Mankind
  32. Anthropology                Study of Mankind
  33. Philanthropist              Lover of Mankind
  34. gynecalogist                  A female who recovers the symptom of female organs
  35. Gyne                                   Women
  36. Gynecalogy                      Study of female problems
  37. gamos                              Marriage
  38. Monogamy                      Marry with one female
  39. Bigamy                            Marry with two female
  40. Polygamy                        Marry with more than two female
  41. Polyandros                     Marry with  More than one man ( a culture literally follows in tribal areas)
  42. Asceticism                       Practice of severe austerity
  43. Internus                          root word Inside
  44. Internist                          Those who rectify the internal organs of the people.
  45. Intern                               Those who are going as internship in medical science.
  46. gynecologist                    Doctor for women
  47. Obstetrician                   Female doctor who helps in giving birth to new babies.
  48. ician                                root word Expert
  49. Musician                          Expert of Musician
  50. Pediatrician                    Doctor of Children
  51. Paidos               +  iatreia             +   ician
  52. Child         medical healing          expert
  53. Pedis                               root word  foot
  54. Pedistrician
  55. Peddle
  56. Pedagogue                   Paidos (Child)  +  agogos ( the leading)    The leading of the child
  57. Demagogue                   A politician who wants to acquire illegal property for their own ambition and fortune.
  58. dermatologist                   Speciality in skin related diseases where dermas stands for skin.
  59. Hypodermy                   injecting needle under the skin.
  60. epidermis                       outer layer of the skin
  61. taxidermist                     collection of animals skin
  62. pachyderm                     a skin of thickness like an elephant, hippotamus etc.
  63. dermitist                        an probable idea of inflamation, infection etc
  64. Ophthalmologist          Specialist of eye
  65. Ocular                             pertaining to eye
  66. monocle                          having one single eye instead of both like there in pictures of pirates.
  67. binocular                         A device which increases or decrease the range of the object.
  68. Inoculate                        A disease where injection is inserted to get the serum out of your body.
  69. Optometrist                    optikos ( sight vision) + metron (measurement) who measures the vision of the eye and place the order of the glasses
  70. Optician                          a person who do the grinding of the classes and he has no direct contact with the patient.
  71. Orthopedist                   Ortho ( straight ness or correctness) + padios (Child) . Meanings correctness of child
  72. Orthodontist                Odonos (tooth)   Correctness of teeth.
  73. cadiologist                          Specialist in heart related problems
  74. cardiogram                       patient’s heart report
  75. cardiograph                    Machine who generated patient heart report.
  76. Neurologist                    Specialist in nerves related problems
  77. Neurology                       study of nerves related problems
  78. Neuralgia                       pain in nerves. Algia (pain)
  79. Neuristics                         inflammable of the nerves
  80. Neurosis                         a damage figure due to excessive use of energy.
  81. Neurotic                           Adjective of neurosis.
  82. Psychosis                          a fully mad man
  83. psychotic                           lost contact with reality
  84. Psychaitrist                    Psyche ( Soul , Body , Mind) + iatreia (Medical healing) Medical healing of mind.


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