Every person is a hero in his Life. In fact every person. No matter where he or she is a big person in terms of money or a small person in terms of revenue. In fact, every person belongs to any household rich or poor is living for his life and for his people. Hardships are there in every person’s life but who has got the will power to overcome these hardships is a true Hero in his Life. In fact, if I take my story my life is also full of hardships. There were people who tried to push me down in each and every field but I did not react to there behavior. You have to be resilient in such conditions. Be sure that no one has got the power to repel you from your firm belief. I got this plan and idea of starting my own website from one of my online friends. He helped me a lot in creating my own dream of building up a website. All the tricks and hacks I got from him. There is a true saying when you will find yourself in difficulties God will move the right person in your life. Finally, at the last, I just want to say be happy in your life Support your mother and father as they are your real Hero and keep a firm belief in yourself that you can do anything in your life. You just have to create that zeal inside you to fight your own battle. In fact, everyone has to fight there own battle. Just Create that Zeal, Self Power and do whatever you wish to achieve in your life. Be safe Take Care.


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