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Work Skills

Performed in Company and at Home

  1. Work for omne agate system Pvt. Ltd. and Addecco india Pvt. Ltd. for at least two and a half year on contractual basis.

  2. Worked as a freelancer on the part time basis and achieved many skillfull projects there as a part of learning criteria.

  3. Also got a hand on learning experience to create a website via wordpress. Coaching material was provided by one of my Colleague on freelancer.

  4. Read a book written by Mr. M.k.Dadarwal on basic computer concepts.

  5. Started T-shirts Designing Business From Home.


Work Done For Private Firms !!

I got a lot of hands on Experience in working in below mentioned firms. Journey was great. Lot of new colleagues I met. Some of them were very helpful in providing me a hands on knowledge about the technology that i worked upon. One was electrical based company and another was electronics based company, both of them gave me a total support towards my carrier. Last was a IT based online portal which i worked upon.

Omne agate System Pvt Ltd.

Status :- Left

Adecco India pvt. limited

Status:- Left

Freelancer India

Status:- Not Working


Given by the best clients

“Gaurav is a thorough professional to work with, he goes about his work and posts updates without much fuss. highly recommended”
Coding Logics
“Excellent work by Gaurav. He was very helpfuls and completed the project as expected. Will hire him again ”
Vikash Jaiswal
"He is the best ! All recommendations. I would hire him again for sure !!!"
Miljan Zekovicm
“Great freelancer. Very hard working and honest guy. Will hire him again.”